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a visual cold snap is gripping the nation. now, the winter storm blanketing the midwest is headed our way. in fact, the snow is already falling across the dc area. how much of the white stuff can we expect tonight? let's get straight to our meteorologist, topper shutt with the storm alert. >> we have to remember a couple of things. this is a clipper, not a big storm. fairly holding well across the mountains. we have winter weather advisories north of town. montgomery county north and west. wouldn't get too hung up on the advisory. i think people will see snow overnight. in fact, for tonight, winter weather advisory, light snow, one to three inches by dawn. low temperatures, 26 to 30. winds southwesterly at 10. live doppler 9000. most of the metro area of snow, heavier snow out towards leesburg and also up 270
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towards frederick. we'll come back and break down, actually, when the storm is going to end. we'll talk about your wakeup weather and the morning commute all coming up. lots more to go. in the meantime, last month's winter storm hit people pretty hard leaving them with little or no cash at all to handle other snowstorms. our own, gay gay -- gary joining us with the latest on that ongoing problem. >> reporter: well, in northwest washington, not feeling very hard. a few snowflakes hitting your jacket and they disappear just a matter of seconds. what's going to happen overnight, reminding them the beauty of snow. and winter coming silently awakening to the breathtaking areas. well, poetically true unless you have to drive in it and pay for it. at 9:15 this evening, highways are standing by at the river road in a small place out there standing by the deal in what happens when the snow lits the washington roads.
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montgomery county alone, to deal with what costs money. >> reporter: the unexpected severity of last month's storm for prince george's county, budgeting $1.9 million for the whole year is already spending $2.6 million. >> we base our budget on an average of what we have spent over the past several years. and certainly the money that had been allocated for this entire budget was basically what we have spent last year. >> reporter: she says the county will find the money somehow and promises. >> we're going to continue to provide class a services. >> reporter: budgeting $26 million for the season. the gazette reports they have spent $27 million. for preparing on thursday for that springfield yard. drivers readying for the 12- hour shift. in dc, the reality that rush hour traffic can complicate the snow clearing efforts.
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>> that makes it harder for them to do their job. >> reporter: individuals were getting ready for the ice melting products as in demand out of the florida vacation. think about the money involved here. montgomery county alone, the state highways, spending $3,000 of the pretreatments on the road and the overbridges on the montgomery classes for them on the beltway. all adding up for many jurisdictions. the question is, how are we going to pay for it? >> that's a good question. thank you for that. another big question tonight. could the snowfall mean school closures if it has delays? if that does happen, looks like school in and around our area ought to be covered. the the fairfax county schools still have the three snow days left. montgomery and prince george's county still with one snow day left. both prince will crams and them don't exactly have the designated snow days. but enough hours to meet the state requirements. however, if more snow days are needed, officials there could actually take back the days used during the winter storm destined
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for christmas. because it was in a state of emergency. and we want to remind you, our storm alert coverage begins tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. we'll have the up-to-the-minute road conditions and for many other closings or delays. new at 11, the future of the jay leno show. now apparently in question. the new york times reports they are reinstating leno as the host of the tonight show. currently hosted by conan o'brien. remember, nbc had moved leno to a 10 p.m. prime time slot as a cost-saving experiment. but the ratings have suffered. according to tmz, that move could happen as soon as next month, following npc's average -- nbc's coverage of the winter olympics. they plan to cancel the jay leno show. successful programs gone and teachers out of work. those are the recommendations that fairfax county schools were bracing for before the snow's superintendent made their recommendations. we have a live look on the latest of what did actually come down the pikes.
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>> it is certainly not good news, derek. tonight, the proposed budget cuts are severe. and the worse yet for the fairfax county public school as the school board officially heard from the superintendent as to how they will make up for the $176 million shortfall. number 10 in the white and blue jersey. she'll be a freshman at high school next year. and mom realizes her daughter may not get to play the sport she loved since she was 8 years old. >> i would like to hear that they will cut it. >> reporter: the fairfax county school superintendent presenting the recommended budget cuts to the school board on thursday night. it includes slashing nearly 600 jobs. eliminating all freshman sports and other programs, and increasing class size. >> these are very painful cuts. depending on lots of our kids and the kinds of programs they expect from fairfax. >> when you're looking at making cuts as much as they need to make, you need to get rid of your people. >> reporter: they say that they have to make the tough
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decisions. >> i think one of the hardest parts is that we're looking at cutting things we believe were good. >> if i had to pay a little bit for her to play, i would be willing to do that, rather than having it cut out. >> reporter: i would hate to get into that situation. >> where you're starting to buy certain programs for certain kids. we have to make sure we provide for all of them across the systems. >> reporter: it's a reality that is forcing parents their children and staff to find a different game plan for the students in fairfax county. we have not even talked about what else is on the chopping block. and if that school district does not get the $58 million from the county. this is what else that you can expect for the second round of cuts. and it could mean reducing the full day kindergarten to half day. cutting elementary band programs for an emerging class. and increasing class sizes even more. well, there are scheduled areas for them later this month. the school board is expected to
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have a new budget. and it involves the short area. 9news now and thank you. and you might have to pay a little extra next time you hop on the metro. today's metro board discusses the possibilities of an emergency for that surcharge for the buses and the trains. and it is either that or the big service cuts that would add up to longer and more clouded commutes. those cuts would include fewer trains and buses. and for ten stations at night and on the weekends. and the fee would only last until june. a judge has been delayed by one week at the sentencing hearing for the 20-year-old man who pleaded guilty to possessing bomb making materials. today, the judge decided to postpone the sentencing hearing after ruling that a key government witness in the case must testify at that hearing. now, an update on sunday's security breach at the newark international airport at new
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jersey. the tsa officer just short of walking away from his post for several seconds. during that time, a young man scooted under a security rope to hug a friend. well, that security breach forced officials to shut down the airport terminal. and that triggered several flight delays. federal authorities are still looking for the man who shot past the check point. president obama is filling out the mistakes to allow them armed with explosives. the president held a news conference to share that declassified report on what just went wrong. and long before that suspect got on the plane, intelligence agencies have gathered enough information about the man who had identified him as the potential threat and put him on one of the no fly list. according to the president, the agency, they failed to adequately organize the information. in his words, to connect the dots. i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make it safer. for ultimately,
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that stops with me. the president ordered the security changes that include wider and quicker distributions of the intelligence reports and new rules regarding those no fly lists. taking a quick look at stories from all ak-sz are the nation. several questions font, surrounding a deadly workplace shooting in st. louis. and police say that a man shot and kill three people before turning the gun on himself. and a motive in the rampage is unclear. but officers do say that the gunman was involved in a pension dispute with his company. and an accident on the ohio interstate claims four lives. a tractor trailer jackknifing out there swerving onto the oncoming traffic to carry disabled passengers. six others hurt in that crash. causing traffic to be backed up for hours. in a minneapolis s.w.a.t. team member charged with bank robbery. they admitted to robbing banks in three counties. the police union president calls it disgusting and they won't do anything to help the accuser. caught on tape, terrifying
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moments after the young girl is forced to watch her father get attacked while staring down the barrel of the gun. some teachers are trading in their lesson plans for cold hard cash. but is that really working for their students? and plus, new developments if mt gilbert arena -- plus, new developments in the gilbert arenas tape. i'm brett haber. the detail in nine sports coming up in 14 minutes. topper shutt? >> i had to go out to get a hat. we'll take you out to your wakeup weather. for a leftover snow around 8:00, temperatures are cold. 26 to 32. come back, we'll talk more about the impact of the morning commute. we'll give you a snowfall total accumulation math after this. stay tuned.
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one of the folks pull the girl to the hair with the gunpointing directly at her face. officers say the same men robbed another store just a few days later. no arrests yet. and chilling video after a car hits a woman and the cops just drive right on by. police say the nurse was walking to her car when the driver struck her. two officers following the suspect almost hit her lying there in the street but they don't check to see if she's okay. the patrol cars did not have their lights or sirens on at the time. they claim if they had had those lights on, maybe she could have avoided this terrifying accident. the victim is expected to survive. reading, writing, arrhythmia tick for sale -- a arithmetic
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for sale. a way for eters to make some money -- a way for eters to make some money on the side. justin lin teaches high school english and looking for better ways to reach his students. >> whether or not it is an auditory learner, a different way. so when i look for that to create lesson plans, that's something i would have on mind. >> reporter: sometimes he goes online for ideas and buys lesson plans created by other teachers. he started selling his plans too. >> i did feel really good about what i was making. thinking to myself, hey, other teachers are finding this useful. >> reporter: they are bought and sold on sites like teachers pay teachers and we are teachers. selling for as much as $100 a pop. he sees this well. >> potentially, it could be a good thing for school children if good products are developed and shared. rather than everyone trying to
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reinvent the wheel on their own. >> reporter: but there is concern that some teachers could devote more time to the side business than the job of teaching. and he said that some believe this undermines education. >> reporter: by developing and sharing materials with colleagues for free without charge is a part of building the profession. >> reporter: he makes the plans on his own time, afterhours. he says it's a win/win, not just for him, but his students too. >> reporter: so far, i have made about, well, $2700. and i think with most of the money, what i have probably done, put it back in my classroom. i buy a lot of things. i buy a lot of books. always trying to build my classroom library. i have a coffee machine now. and i have paper and toner. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now and peggy also tells us some critics of this idea question whether the school districts ought to get a cut since they are on an approved crick limb --
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curriculum? or maybe you want to log onto and join the discussions. it sure could be hard to throw things away like old birthday cards and magazines. for one local woman, keeping any type of paper or magazine has become an obsession. there are mounds and mounds of papers, books, even trash in her home. she's admitted that she's a bit of a hoarder and wants -- hoarder and wants to get better. >> after a while, it becomes the norm. you can't do anything about it so you shut your odds. >> she would be known as a hoárder with a difficult time of letting go of things. things that may seem invaluable and typically are invaluable. >> reporter: well tomorrow night on 9news now at 9:00, ta closer look the at -- a closer look at the clutter to help them break the cycle in the 9news now special report. all right, the clipper is
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here. there's your forecast for the next three days. tomorrow, a little flurries in the morning hours. most of it over by about 5:00. windy, turning colder. 32, that's it. with sunshine on saturday and sunday. behind the clipper, arctic air that comes in. the upper 20s, that's it. breaking out the meter here. not a great storm, especially after our december storm. everything pailing in comparison. we'll give it a 1.5. kind of a nuance storm, more than anything. don't think it will be quite out there. it'll be close to being sleddable. headlines ever, the snow has arrived. a critical time from now to 5 a.m. that will impact the friday morning rush. and a general one to three inch snowfall. not good for snowfalls. kind of fluffy. in fact, your best defense against this type of snow, not a shovel, but a broom. it'll be that light. it really is. a good deal. take it back now, tom. >> all right, good job. talk about the snowfall potential. three to six inches in the mountains. i think around town, down here through montgomery county, one to three inches a pretty good
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bet. all right, forecast, into taylor overnight, winter advisory, north and west. don't get hung up on that. everybody will get some snow. one to three inches by dawn. low temperatures, 26-30. winds southwesterly add -- southwesterly at 10. everybody is seeing a little light snow right now. heaviest activity has been a little bit to the north up 270 and a little bit to the west out 66. a pretty good snow out there between gaithersburg. that's the heavier snow. and also, out to the west out 66, we'll zoom in here for you towards fairfax. and as you head out 66, pretty good snow as you get past 123. in fact, we have a live picture for you from the fairfax area so again, not a big storm. more of a nuance storm. very fluffy. not good for the snowballs. all right, let's go back to tomorrow morning. breezy and cold. a little bit of the light snow there. a little bit of light snow or flurries possible. i think all the hours have
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gotten to brad finally. and he needs to get a good night's sleep. by the afternoon, another blustery day. partly cloudy, windy, cold. highs only near 32. and weupdz increasing a little bit, west northwest at 10-20 and gusty. next seven days. 32 tomorrow. a little bit of light snow in the morning. clearing out, upper 20s on saturday and sunday. fridged and then temperatures in the mid-30s on monday. we'll see a little bit of a warming trend sort of. 40s as we get into tuesday. 45 on wednesday. and almost 50, i didn't put 50, but 49 on thursday. and a reminder in case there are some delays tomorrow. we start early at 4:30 in the morning. howard and devon in early. >> all right, very nice. let's take a look at this. down in florida, the weather is having a strange affect on the wildlife. the cold freezing in their tracks. there's nothing wrong with these guys. they are just sort of hibernating. so when the temperatures warm up, so toy that.
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good news, okay. let's see what old phil, the 9news cat has to say about our weather forecast. >> you know what, i know exactly how you feel. let me tell you that right now. >> they were talking about that threat. >> yes. >> and all right, now, there we are. we know that gilbert arenas. the story just continues on and on. >> i don't think that he knows what he did was wrong. when we come to grips with that, that will not bed bad. hearing a million stories. but the camera does not lie. reports that the whole thing was captured on video tape. closing in on the defensive coordinator. and i will ride my broom off the commercial break and be back with 9news sports right after this. this place is hoppin'! ah, it's resolution season!
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well, my resolution -- save money. last year, millions of people visited, and those who switched saved an average of over $350. no wonder it's like a party in here. [ blows horn ] [ blowing rhythm on horn ] [ rhythm continues ] i wrote that. starting the new year with savings -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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gilbert arena's biggest defense is what was heinous enough. not owning the mistake and apologizing for it. that's what has disrupted his
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career for the foreseeable future. two developments now for the future. tmz claims there was a surveillance video of the locker room gun play. the wizards say that's bogus. never a camera in the locker room. only in the hallway outside. and two, the league says all these players who yelped it up with them in philly on tuesday night will be fined up to $25,000 per man. 9news sports caught up with nick young, who was one of those players. >> he is going through so much that they could bring it down for a little light out of it. and that he was not doing that. and you try to move past it. you know, . >> meanwhile, outside the center, you are making a statement about arenas future. and a catch surrounding
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them in the eastern conference with their three-game hiccup last week. but they reflux appears to be over. the win over phopbt corral on tuesday and a spanking new area font with the senators. and they would bury this one. with the rifle. and his eighth of the year. 2-0 caps. the third period, all these other lines. they circle around. and his second of the game to make it 4-1. and then late, getting on the score sheet to back hand that out there. rolling 5-2. this is a mason turnover and this is ken. he had 18 patriots fall by 25. they dropped to 8-7. mike shanahan flew home to denver today to get his life in order. and not before setting that in motion.
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nfl sources say that they will interview the bengals defensive coordinator, mike zimmer and the former head coach of the saints and the rams. both men run a 3-4 defense. a switch for the skins. shanahan talking about his process for building a staff. >> i'm not going to make very many staff moods right away. i'll take my time. a lot of people, they want to come to the washington redskins to be a part of this organization, the history, the leadership. and i'll get a chance to sit down with all those guys to make a decision hopefully in a short time. >> and more bad news for jim zorn. now a president of the browns, deciding to keep head coach eric mangini in his home staff which means no openings there for the z-man. finally tonight, big moment for texans receiver, andre johnson. the texans were playing in miami. johnson is from miami. look, he scored a touchdown there. his whole family, they came to the game and wore his jerseys.
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he said listen, i've been a dolphins fan my whole life. and to recognize my team and my hometown. they need to support that kin. i don't think it's right. >> sometimes your team is your kin. >> no. >> and that would be behind. >> we'll be right back.
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that's 9news now tonight. special snow coveraging starting at 4:30. and they have spotted the wicked witch of the west. we have a fix out there. there you go. [ laughter ] track that man.
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